Making a Will During Divorce

Our team are experts in preparing Wills and Tax Planning. We understand that a Will should be a personal document, tailored to your circumstances. 

All eventualities and outcomes should be considered before your Will is prepared. You may be surprised at what your legal requirements actually are.

The need to sort out all your financial affairs is paramount when going through a divorce or separation. If you already have a Will, then your wish under that Will may have now changed, especially if your ex-husband/wife or civil partner is entitled to receive your estate under your existing Will. If you have not made a Will your ex- husband/wife or civil partner will still be entitled to your estate until the Divorce has been finalised, whether you want them to inherit it or not.

If you are in a long term relationship, whether you intend to Marry or not, your partner will not automatically inherit your estate unless there is a valid Will in place allowing this.

We always recommend that our clients make a Will to ensure you remain in control. Please contact one of our team today.


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