Probate Solicitors

When someone dies, this is a very emotional and upsetting time for family and loved ones. Despite this, someone will need to deal with the assets and estate of the person who has died.

The name for this process is Probate. We have a team dedicated to helping you make this process as easy as possible. To arrange an appointment please contact our team.

This process will involve collecting the assets that the deceased owned, settling any debts due and then dividing the estate amongst the beneficiaries. When someone dies, the majority of the funds of the estate assets will be frozen until you obtain a document from the Probate Registry (known as a Grant of Representation). This will normally be granted to the Executor named in the deceased’s will and if there is no will, the intestacy rules will apply setting out who is entitled to apply for the grant and to benefit from the estate.

We have an experienced and dedicated team who can help you with the process which will start with determining the size of the estate for probate and inheritance tax purposes. We can obtain valuations on your behalf and then complete the necessary inheritance tax forms. We will then help you lodge these forms with the Probate Registry.

Throughout your case we will also ensure that we give you the best advice to make sure that we mitigate tax where possible. We can also deal with the appropriation of shares and provide advice on any capital gains tax that arises if a property sells for more than it was valued at, at the date of death.

We know that this is a very stressful and upsetting time and we want to make this as easy as possible. We have the experience and contacts to make this as easy as possible and we also know that cost is always a consideration and we will be upfront with you from the outset.

To speak to one of our experts please get in touch