Probate Prices and Timescales

We know it is helpful at such a stressful time for you to have an understanding of the timescales and costs involved.  We will always be upfront with you about costs and any changes along the way. 

Probate can be a long process and there may be many factors that can cause delays.  When using our probate solicitors, you will be given a point of contact who will guide you from beginning to end.

Our prices are generally based on an hourly rate and not a percentage value of the assets in the estate.  We will give you an estimate of our costs once which we will based on the number of hours we feel will be required to complete the matter.  An estimate of our costs will be provided once we have assessed the complexity of the estate.

We will also communicate any factors that may change our estimate as early as possible to take into account any unforeseen work.

Full Probate Service

The price depending on complexity and the overall value of the estate, for a standard probate will generally be between £2,000 and £10,000 plus VAT for estates that are uncontested and have UK assets only.

This is not including disbursements which are detailed below.

Our full probate service will include the following:-

  • Initial meeting and fact finding.
  • Collection of information and obtaining valuations.
  • Applying for the Grant of Representation.
  • Placing public notices and undertaking of relevant asset, liability and Will chasing services when required.
  • Dealing with inheritance tax.
  • Collecting in assets.
  • Paying any liabilities.
  • Preparation of Estate Accounts.
  • Distributing the estate.

Our service excludes the following:-

  • Dealing with the sale or transfer of any land in the estate and a separate quote will be provided by our property team and a quotation can be requested here.
  • Dealing with a Deed of Renunciation where one or more of the Executors wishes to step down.  Our price for this which includes registration is £200 plus VAT.
  • Dealing with assets outside of the UK.
  • Disputes arising within estate disbursements such as:
    • Probate Registry fee £164 plus 50 pence for every additional copy of the Grant required.
    • Land Registry registration and search fees
    • Fees for placing public notices, undertaking asset, liability and Will chasing services.
    • Chasing agents and genealogists’ fees.
    • Miscellaneous expenses such as travelling expenses.
    • Other professional fees such as accountants and valuers.

We would estimate that a standard estate would take on average between nine and twelve months, sometimes longer before an estate can be concluded. We would therefore advise all Personal Representatives to communicate to Beneficiaries the need to be flexible and understand not to expect their inheritance immediately. 

We will talk you through the process from start to finish and be there to deal with any situation that arises.

Grant of Representation Only

In some instances, you may feel that you are able to deal with the majority of the administration process, however, find the legal aspect more difficult or do not want to deal with it.  As such, if you do not want to instruct us to deal with the full administration of the estate we can deal with the application for the Grant or Representation and completion of the appropriate inheritance tax form only for a fixed price. 

This service relies on the Personal Representatives obtaining and providing all valuations for the deceased’s assets and liabilities to enable us to prepare the relevant paperwork which we would then submit to the Probate Registry and HM Revenue & Customs.  Once the Grant of Representation is then issued we would provide this to the Personal Representatives to allow you to take the necessary steps to deal with the remaining administration of the estate.  However, should you require any further assistance beyond obtaining the Grant of Representation then we would be happy to provide a cost estimate for this additional work.

Our costs for a Grant or Representation only range from £795 plus VAT to £1,295 plus VAT depending on the complexity involved and which inheritance tax forms are required.

In addition to this cost there is also the Probate Registry fee payable in the sum of £164 together with 50 pence for every additional copy of the Grant required.

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