Many parents worry about the potential negative impact of their separation on their child and fear that the breakdown of the relationship will mean the loss of the parent/child relationship. But extensive research over the past two decades has provided a better understanding of the impact of separation and divorce upon children and can help parent’s better respond to and meet their children’s needs at this difficult time

With expert advice on parenting time arrangements including residence (custody) and contact (access) as well as a whole range of other concerns and issues that might arise, our team of specialist advisors will help you help your family. As well as providing legal advice we will also assist you in accessing emotional support to keep the emotional impact of the separation or divorce upon you and your child to a minimum and assist you through this transition. We also have experience in special guardianship orders, adoption and issues grandparents can face.

Our team of family lawyers are members of Resolution and are committed to resolving disputes in a non confrontational way as well as encouraging parents to put the best interests of the children first. Our team also includes members of the Law Society Children Panel with specialist expertise in representing children themselves within the family courts.

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